This website is a safe place for Ex-Muslims to speak up in a safe environment.

We aim to reach a wider audience, create a more detailed content and maintain this platform. 

If you have any skills that can help in social media, web development, graphic design, video production, translation don’t hesitate to be in touch.

It is our hope that Ex-Muslims are never at risk anywhere. Sadly, that is not the case. We are counting on raising funds for emergencies and building a network of local contacts in countries with an Islamic majority where such cases may arise. Blasphemy cases can happen anytime, such as the case of the late Nahid Hattar, who was an atheist with a Christian background. Nahid was assassinated in Jordan in 2016 after being prosecuted for blasphemy because of publishing a cartoon picturing Islamic heaven. This program will be focused on international asylum seekers and local relocation for persons whose lives are at risk due to religious persecution.

In many middle eastern countries there are groups of people who focus on educating the youth on science and reason. most of these groups are on the internet. 

The council of Ex-Muslims of Jordan will fund implementing the goals of these groups outside of the internet. these campaigns will start with those in Jordan.

Sadly we cannot mention the name of those who will be supported by us for their own safety.