The Story of Il partigiano

     As a college student I used to excel in research projects, hence I decided to deploy this ability to defend Islam and clear all the stereotypes about my religion. After all my favorite quote is “Don’t look at the world with one eye closed and then complain about unclear vision”. 

    Islam is God’s sent religion, right? What harm can it bring to research it and expose everything in it to logical questions and look for the godly sent answer within his book? After extensive research, I found many contradictions, moral disasters, scientific mistakes and a unique religion which agrees with no one!! I had to convince myself it didn’t matter, or it’s a mistake in interpretation or worse, no one could understand what the text really means!! No one gave me a satisfactory answer for “milik Al yameen”. ( Women who are enslaved either by war or being born one) two words that contain everything I hate, slavery, raping, humiliation to women and humanity and I could not interpret the text on my own in any in any other way. It was the last nail in the coffin but I still refused to confess “I am no longer a Muslim”. In my heart I wanted to be a Muslim.

    After years of confusion ignoring and self-torture one day it just hit me… I realized I no longer believe, and I have been cheating myself…. after all those years I decided to follow my favorite quote and actually look at Islam with both eyes open… the conclusion is, whoever wrote this, cannot be good… “Now what??….. Different Islamic schools disagree on almost everything even how to pray or fast… One of the few things that ALL Islamic schools agree upon is the persecution of Ex-Muslims… brutal Islamic law which will follow you even if you leave Islam… you were born of a Muslim family, therefore it does not matter what you think… you shall remain a Muslim… They don’t care!!! Keep it to yourself or die… I left Islam… should I be killed??” I thought to myself… No, we need to speak our mind; we need to defend our right to express ourselves just like everyone else.

    I live in an Islamic country, where my speech my actions and the way my wife and daughter dress is dictated by the Islamic law!! So don’t tell us to “stop spreading the hate”… please realize that hating Islam is different than hating Muslims… Muslims are our parents and families… We don’t hate Muslims. We hate Islam, not Muslims. We have every reason to hate this religion!! This brutal religion!! We expect Muslims, those follow their religion literally to deny us our rights but what was surprising is to find out some “liberals” calling for us to keep it to ourselves… so here is a message to those people.

   There is no difference between Islam and Islamism… Islam was initiated as a political movement and the Quran in many occasions encourages the conquests… So if you actually believe in liberty you should forsake your Islamophobia and support Ex-Muslims in their fight for freedom.

– Il partigiano

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Il partigiano is the nickname of our translator. This is his story on leaving the faith. 

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