About Us

We are a group of Jordanian ex-Muslims, atheists, non-believers, secularists, humanists, freethinkers and agnostics, who come from different religious and societal backgrounds and different ages. We value the principles of human rights, equality, non-discrimination, freedom of speech and religious freedom.

Inspired by the growing establishment of the different councils for ex-Muslims in several countries around the world, we decided to establish our own safe haven for Jordanian ex-Muslims. It was also established to give a voice to ex-Muslims in Jordan and other Arab countries, who would otherwise have no means to voice their opinions in repressive Islamic societies. We have the right to be recognized as equal citizens with equal rights. We aim to promote the ideas of secularism and humanism.

Losing weight has never been so effective!
We aim to raise awareness of the problems that face ex-Muslims living in Jordan, and the discrimination they go through due to Islamic laws. We hope to present ex-Muslims and other religious minorities who face discrimination living in Islamic societies, and are unable to speak due to threats and the dangerous reality that these people live in. We demand recognition as non-believers by official authorities and society.

Our hope is that someday we will achieve a status of equality and end persecution against non-believers; as we believe that all human beings are equal in rights regardless of differences in religion.

According to his Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein in his 6th discussion paper on “Rule of Law and Civil State,” He talks about respect of the rights of minority groups. He continues explaining that “If any member of our society feels unsafe or unfairly treated because he or she belongs to a minority, then all of us must feel that we are standing on shaky grounds. All our citizens have inalienable rights that must be safeguarded. The rule of law is the main underwriter of these rights and it is, therefore, the most effective enforcer of social justice.” But we as a minority ask the following question: What if the rule of law itself is not effectively enforcing social justice?
According to Jordanian law, Muslims do not have the right to change their religion. This status of illegality among others is discriminatory against us as non-believers and contradicts the mentioned parts of the king’s discussion paper. Not only does it contradict the king’s discussion paper but also the tenants of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We, as members of the Jordanian society, feel unsafe and are constantly treated unfairly. Yet we remain hopeful that the king’s vision in his 6th discussion paper, which also aligns with our own, will someday be fulfilled. Specially after the recent assassination of public figure Nahid Hattar, this atrocity should indicate to us the importance of having a more open society, a society that accepts difference of opinion and debates them in a civil way instead of resulting to murder. We have to stand united, all of us, wither Muslims, atheists, christians, Bahaei’s, agnostics, regardless of our personal believes, we need to stand united against extremism, discrimination, and the evil that is trying to tear us apart and plunge us into darkness. Religion is a personal matter between each human being and what he/she believes in. It should not be enforced upon people with law or any other means.


Our Mission

Ex-Muslims of Jordan advocates equal human rights, end of discrimination against those who leave Islam and the recognition of state and society. We aim to promote secular and scientific values, in hopes of creating a better society for generations to come.

Our Goals

1- Secularizing the Jordanian court system, to make it possible for different religious and non-religious minorities to be governed fairly by the rule of law as opposed to the rule of any one certain religion.

2- Demolishing the power Sharia law has over people who do not recognize themselves as Muslims anymore.

3- The promotion of scientific and secular values.

4- To be the voice for all of the unheard voices of religious and non-religious minorities in Jordan and other Arab countries.

5- To work hand in hand with other Jordanian secular parties.

6- Enhancing our educational system, by changing current curricula, making it more oriented towards science and humanitarian values.

7- To help Ex-Muslims worldwide in the risks they encounter and raise awareness on their struggles